We provide virtual PA services to small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs


You can outsource your administrative and secretarial tasks, book keeping records, research, business support, personal support, networking and more.

We work with a variety of industries – Finance, Floristry & Farming, Carpentry, Builders & Contractors. Musicians, Artists & Medical Professionals and many more.

How does it work...


You will have your own Personal PA. Someone that listens to your ideas, supports your concerns, helps you prioritise your tasks, and gets them done.  Ultimately you will have someone that encourages you in your life and wellbeing.

Live Life Organised has built a large database of referrals to other business’s – locally and internationally and prides themselves on referring high quality business’s alike.  

You only pay for the task we do so the service is very bespoke which means you can use our services as much or as little as needed.

Let's get to know one another...


Stacey Knowles – a former Financial Consultant and Crime Scene Examiner of the Metropolitan Police in London, founded Live Life Organised.  

Travelling every day to London with a young family at home, in 2016 she made a brave decision to leave her successful career in the police force to work closer to home and her young family in Poole, Dorset. Stacey was then successful to earn a position as a Demonstrator in Analytical at Bournemouth University.

With years of working in highly motivated, successful teams and a unique set of skills and experience under her belt, Stacey took a leap of faith and in January 2018 went fully self employed and is going from strength to strength with a strong client base across a variety of industries.

Being a working mum of two (together with her husband) takes great planning for herself hence she knows how important a balance of work, family, exercise and nourishment is. Her “Go To’ is the beach. She loves to play piano and has started a new hobby of long boarding with her boys along the promenade.

You can read what clients have to say about Stacey on our Testimonials Page.

Contact Stacey today – Make a start on your To Do list. Your time is now.